Dear Valued SKUlibrary Supplier,

We are pleased to announce that SKUvantage Salsify suppliers now have more ways to deliver content to Coles.

Coles has engaged SKUvantage Salsify to support product data collection using its platform, SupplierXM (SXM).

As SKUlibrary has an integration with SXM, SKUlibrary clients now have the option to manage product content for Coles across mandatory master data attributes, on-pack data and images in SKUlibrary if they choose.

1. Maintain content in SKUlibrary

SKUlibrary suppliers now have the option to maintain all Coles content requirements in SKUlibrary.

As part of the CFC project, SKUvantage Salsify conducted a bulk remediation of products required by Coles for the initial CFC range. If you had products in this range, this data (24 mandatory attributes) has been sourced and QA’d on your behalf so this content will need to be backfilled from SXM into SKUlibrary as a prerequisite to switching on the SKUlibrary integration.

To switch on the SKUlibrary integration to SXM, click this link for us to initiate this process on your behalf (refer to link for details). On pack Images and Data will continue to flow to Coles via the current process (no action is required).

2. Maintain content in SXM

Suppliers also have the option to maintain their Coles data in SXM. Login to your SXM account and update any gaps in the initial list of mandatory attributes collected as part of the CFC range. From there, you can maintain both existing data and new products in SXM and your data will feed to Coles. On pack Images and Data will continue to flow to Coles via the current process (no action is required).

If you induct master (mandatory) data to Coles using GS1’s NPC, but wish to maintain this data in SKUlibrary or SXM, the following options are available:

3. Data already sourced and populated in SXM

No action required to backfill the NPC if you do not choose, as SXM is the preferenced feed (ie will overwrite data from other sources)

4. New products added in future range reviews

a. Request an export of any existing data in GS1 and submit it to SXM or SKUlibrary for upload using this link. (Note: if using SKUlibrary, follow instructions at (2) above to first establish the SKUlibrary>SXM integration) or
b. Enter data directly into SXM and fill in any gaps
c. On pack Images and Data will continue to flow to Coles via the current process (no action is required).

Should you have any queries regarding your SKUlibrary or SupplierXM accounts, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected] or [email protected].

Yes, the SXM feed is preferenced in Coles’ MDM. This means if suppliers have data in SXM or SKUlibrary, Coles will preference this feed (ie SXM will overwrite data from other sources). 

Whichever source system you choose to use as your source of truth, please ensure that any changes are updated in that system. i.e. if you choose to manage attributes for Coles in SKUlibrary, then you will need to make changes in SKUlibrary to ensure they feed through SXM to Coles correctly. 

Following completion of the project to implement mandatory attributes, Coles’ next area of focus is Health (allergens, allergen claims etc). SKUlibrary and SXM will be updated for the new on-pack attributes being introduced by Coles so SKUlibrary suppliers will be able to continue using SKUlibrary and/or SXM to meet all of your Coles requirements.

You only have to do this if you are choosing to use the NPC as your source system for Coles mandatory attributes. If you are using SXM or SKUlibrary, no action is required in the NPC as SXM is the preferenced feed into Coles.

Yes, you can request a templated export of data from SKUlibrary in the New Line Form format to help you streamline the process of inducting new products to Coles. Please send your request to [email protected].

Yes. If you wish to establish an API feed from your internal ERP system to SKUlibrary or SXM, please email [email protected] for further details.