Simplifying the sourcing, creation, management and publishing of product content

As former online retailers, we understand the misery of product information. It is painful for everyone involved, yet is an absolutely essential part of what it is to be an online retailer. This is why we started SKUvantage – to solve the problem of how to get good product information in front of consumers, with less effort.

The SKUlibrary product information management platform (PIM) is at the heart of our technology and service solution.

Essentially, SKUlibrary is a really easy to use PIM, which makes the management of product content much more efficient.  SKUlibrary is used by the Skuvantage team to produce content within our business for our clients – “so we eat our own dogfood”!

SKUlibrary’s capability is explicitly designed to be fit for purpose, whilst avoiding confusing colleagues with complex functionality that they don’t need on a day-to-day basis. This avoids the chaos of Excel and shared drives for managing information, without the cost of enterprise platforms.

SKUlibrary solves numerous challenges of digital product content including:

  • Acting as a single source of truth for  product content within your business
  • Workflow and product lifecycle management for images, data and descriptions independently
  • DAM for product related assets so that assets can be managed as a collection
  • Vendor portal supported by the SKUcapture service to help suppliers nominate products and provide you with product content
  • Syndication of free, high quality product content from your suppliers that also use SKUlibrary (see the video below).

A PIM designed for ecommerce teams

Managing product content in spreadsheets and shared drives is time consuming and risky. That’s why we built SKUlibrary. PIM capability includes:

  • Intuitive interface, configurable to your requirements
  • Share through emaied download links (no more file sharing programs)
  • Tools to help you improve your product content quality
  • Auto image renaming and mapping to products
  • Use as a DAM to distribute media and product assets together
  • Various ways to feed content to other systems
  • Workflow for each content type (image, data, descriptions)
  • Validation rules, image path checking, saved searches and other tools to make your processes easier

If you would be interested in a consultation to understand how we can help you drive value from your product content with less effort, please just complete the form below.

Using SKUlibrary is just like editing an ecommerce product page

Get free product content from suppliers with ease

Sharing product information between suppliers (brands) and retailers is a huge challenge for both parties.

SKUvantage has developed some highly innovative functionality that makes it extremely easy for our retailer clients, that use SKUlibrary to syndicate the content from our brand clients, into their own SKUlibrary catalogue.

With other 200 brand clients covering 44,000 products in the grocery, pet, pharmacy, hardware and liquor categories, this saves a huge amount of time for our retailer clients.

Just watch the video to the right to see how this works.

This is just one of the reasons that the SKUvantage solution suite makes it easier to create, manage and publish product content, for both retailers and their suppliers


SKUlibrary is a fit for purpose product information management platform in the cloud that makes the management of product content simple, intuitive and efficient. Request a demo to:
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