Flat Lay photography

An effective way to showcase your products with lower costs in little time.

A great method for keeping costs low, and when the use of a model is not justified. Here at SKUVANTAGE, we treat flatlay photography with the same level of care and attention that we do for all photography projects that come through our studio. Our process ensures that we get through high volumes of products at low cost while maintaining constant high quality – meaning you get as many great styles as possible on your site. We neatly steam each item that comes through our doors, before smoothing them out and arranging them on a white surface. Our cameras are carefully suspended high above your clothing, so we can capture multiple birds eye shots in a short space of time. Adidas and R.M. Williams are just a couple of well-known brands who come to us for our flatlay photography.

Located in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, we service clients from all over Australia. Contact us for a chat to discuss flatlay photography and get a quote today.

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