Importance of Product Content

Why good product content diagram

Drive website functionality

Without well-managed product content, many of the features of a website will not work well. Comparison tools miss data to compare, browsing attributes is difficult or confusing. Data-driven content & relationship marketing tools are also less effective. Structured data is essential for a great online experience


Improve revenues & margin

The proportion of visitors converting to buyers can be increased significantly when they can find what they want and are reassured about their purchase decision. A website is a destination for information, and if information and images are provided correctly, customers will more likely buy from you for reasons other than just price.


Reduce costs & waste

If customers get the product they expect, they are less likely to return it. The reduced losses from returns can have a major impact to the P&L. Marketing costs reduce if conversion increases, and even fulfillment costs can be improved with better weight and dimension data available at the point of purchase.


Enable multi-channel

Structured & clean data enables additional channels of communication and shopping to be set up with minimal effort, giving customers more ways to engage. Providing the content captured for online to in-store associates gives greater customer engagement, opportunities for faster training and more reason to visit the store.