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The page includes some articles related to how to drive value from product content. There are significant resources over at Salsify

What is Good Customer Service? What Modern Customers Expect

Brands need to embrace a customer-first mentality, listening closely to shoppers’ needs while delivering — and ideally, exceeding — those expectations.

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5 Brands and Retailers With Awesome Social Media Strategies

The best brands and retailers have meticulous social media strategies that ensure they post the kind of content their audiences want to see.

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Top Trends in Ecommerce To Watch in 2023

To stay competitive, brands need to move with the market and embrace emerging trends.

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Top Trends in Retail to Watch in 2023

In the face of all this change — and with the added complications of an uncertain economy — retailers need to be aware of all the newest trends and technologies in the industry.

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How To Create the Best Retail Product Displays for the Holidays

The entrepreneur offered customers generous coupons, eye-catching retail product displays, and — in a particularly inspired move — even once threw pennies off the roof of his store to passersby below.

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The Top Ecommerce Personalisation Trends To Watch: An Industry Breakdown

Here, we explore the evolution of ecommerce personalisation trends, examine four industries undergoing significant change, and offer practical insights to help businesses better connect with customers.

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