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The page includes some articles related to how to drive value from product content. There are significant resources over at Salsify

Prioritising Your Ecommerce Tech Stack: How To Build the Case for Investment

In this piece, we’ll examine the impact of product data on the customer experience, explore some of the top challenges brands face when it comes to the efficient and effective flow of product information, and offer a four-step approach for making the case for tech stack investment.

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How Can Retailers Modernise Product Data Management?

Those retailers who do meet the latest consumer expectations, however, tend to have something in common: They prioritise product data management — empowering them to seize new opportunities in today’s dynamic ecommerce landscape.

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Why Customer Returns Are Increasing (and What To Do About It)

Ecommerce shopping has exploded in popularity over the past few years — but the downside to this boom is an increase in returns, cutting into profits and disrupting businesses’ attempts to manage their inventory.

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Ecommerce Keyword Research: What Fashion and Apparel Customers Want

Expanding digital shelves have created an increasingly competitive fashion and apparel industry. Ecommerce keyword research helps us understand what customers want.

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DSI: Tips for Strategic Planning for Ecommerce in Australia

To provide some insight into what brands need to know before entering the Australian ecommerce market, we connected with Daniel Roberts, founder of Australian product content solution provider SKUvantage, now part of Salsify.

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How To Leverage Customer Reviews To Win on the Digital Shelf

For brands and retailers, a single sale doesn’t equal success. Instead, it’s about building a customer base that’s willing to come back and purchase your products over and over again.

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